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Taxidermy Price List 
 Bear Half Body
 Bobcat (Lifesize)
 Coyote (Lifesize)
 Fisher (Lifesize)
 Fox (Lifesize)
 Mink (Lifesize)
Rugging- All rugs are sewn, not glued, backed, and have double felt
 Bobcat / Coyote
 Raccoon / Fox
 $250 / Ft
 Grouse / Pheasant
 Flying Turkey
 Turkey Tail and Beard
 Fish - includes basic driftwood
 Skin Mounts
Reproduction Mounts
 Call For Full Price List And Guide Pricing by the day

Skulls- for each skull the price includes preparation, dermestid beetle cleaning, degreasing, and whitening.

 Bear  $200
 Coyote / Beaver / Bobcat / Fisher $100
 Fox / Raccoon  $90
 Elk  $550
 Turkey  $75
 Mink / Marten  $60
 Muskrat / Weasel   $50

 Mounting Sheds deer Sheds


 Deer Antler Mount


 Moose Antler Mount

* Does not include Lower Jaw


Plaques- All prices include mounting Skull on to plaque
Basic Plaque (Standard for Deer or Bear Head)
 Maine Shaped State Plaque (Standard for Deer or Bear Head)  $65                        
 We also offer custom plaques of any shape and size Call for Pricing

Call or email for specific Pricing varies on each animal depending on the size

Additional Fee's

* Add an extra $25 for the lower jaw on smaller game, $35 for larger game. 

** Does not include a plaque.

- Skulls must be either fresh or frozen.  If the skull has maggots, is rotting, or dried out it will be an additional $50 cleaning fee due to possible parasites getting in with the beetles.

- Contact us for pricing on other species.

- Prices subject to change without notice


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