Moose Moose Skull Cap 188392085 A hydro dipped moose taken in September 2012 with a bow!! 188392086 48" bow kill 188392087 188392105 52" inch taken on a float trip, all said and done it had to be quartered and put in a canoe with three people! 188392212 Float trip bull 188392213 Some coming into the bugs 188392214 Field Shot of the 48", 700lb Droptine bull Andrew and his crew got Oct. 2013 189618169 Nice multiple drop tine bull. This will be something else when hes all done. 188392215 Here he is all finished up! 189618164 Waiting for pick up. 189618165 189618166 189618167 Andys 33" 2013 Bull, Congrats Andy! 189618168 Field shot of the 54" bull Greg took last fall. Called it in to 30 yards. If anyone is looking to get their guides license, check out Greg, John, and Tammy with the Maine Outdoor Learning Center! 189618172 189618171 Greg's 54" monster. 189618170 The two of them with a big 200lb 12 pointer in the middle. 189618173 202140521 202140522 202140523 Natural color 202140524 Custom Maine plaque and nice bull! 202140525 202140526 202140527 202140528 202140529 Two bulls locked up, and drowned in a pond. 202140530 202140531 Locked 202140532 202140533 202140534 Two of four bull that came in from the same hunt, the crew with Epic Adventures knows what they are doing. 202140636 Natural color 202140637 202140638 Wounded warrior hunt. Matt scored on this great bull last day of the season. It now hangs in Florida! 202140535 Matts bull 202140639 Matts bull at home 202140642 Old refurbished antler mount 202140640 202140641 Unique bull 202140643